Support your Surgery Campaign

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Practices in Wakefield are all acutely aware of the unfair criticism and abuse that we have received due to the necessary restrictions that COVID-19 has brought about. These claims seriously misrepresent the reality of what our hardworking team have been doing to care for and protect our patients. We have faced an extremely challenging time and the restrictions have meant that face-to-face contact with patients has been limited in order to keep staff and patients safe. Nobody has been immune from the disruption, uncertainty and distress that this pandemic has created and we are no different. Our team are normal people and we have shared the same fears and anxieties as all of you.

Despite the easing of lockdown, the pressures experienced by general practice are unlikely to ease any time soon. There is still a real threat to staff and we cannot just simply return to ‘normal’. We are working hard to find new ways of working and a huge amount of planning is going on behind the scenes to keep staff and patients safe. We have seen more patients and worked much longer hours than ever before whilst helping to deliver the biggest vaccination programme in history. We know it’s frustrating not being able to book face-to-face appointments but the pandemic has not ended; the threat of COVID 19 still remains and as it stands general practice will continue to struggle to meet the growing needs of patients.

We are therefore pleading with the Government to provide us with funding to recruit more staff and improve our services. We are asking that patients work with us – not against us – by supporting this petition so that we can be there to support you. For more information and to sign the petition please visit

General Practice is joining forces to stop the abuse and to encourage patients to be more tolerant and understanding. We are doing our job to the best of our availability and take absolutely no pleasure from the huge strain that we face on a daily basis. “If I die, it will be your fault” is a national campaign to show the shocking real-life examples of the terrifying and threatening behaviour that Practice staff across the the UK have to deal with

Thank you in advance of your support and understanding. Please #bekind and #supportyoursurgery