Cervical Screening (Smear tests)

Two women die every day from cervical cancer, yet it is one of the most preventable cancers. Around 2,700 women in England are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and it is the second most common cancer amongst women under 35.   

On 14th February 2022, the NHS launched a national cervical screening campaign. The Help Us To Help You campaign will encourage eligible patients (people with a cervix aged 25-64) to respond to their invitation letter, and to book an appointment with their GP practice even if they missed their last screening. The campaign will raise awareness of the risks of cervical cancer and highlight the preventative benefits of screening with a view to increasing the number of people attending for their smear test.   

Cervical Screening Saves Lives

If you are not sure whether you are due for a smear test, please contact Reception.

Youtube | Cervical Screening Saves Lives – Conversations with Dr Zoe Williams – NHS