Link Workers (social prescribing)

Half of GP appointments are for non-physical and non-medical issues such as relationship breakdowns, anxiety, depressions and drug and alcohol addiction, so instead of GPs reaching for their prescription pad and prescribing unnecessary medication, they will soon be sending patients to see a link worker (social prescribing), for positive health and well-being outcomes.  

This holistic approach enables social prescriber link workers to ‘prescribe’ emotional well-being, as well as provide practical assistance to help deal with the issues that are affecting health, through techniques such as motivational interviewing, health coaching, and enabling stronger connections with the local community.

Social prescribing can include referrals to tackle loneliness, reduce blood pressure and improve mental health as an alternative to taking medication.  Social prescribers also provide a listening ear and practical support to help you deal with a range of crises and improve your emotional well-being.  This ‘personalised care’ will encourage and empower patients to take greater control of their health, and will help them recognise their inner strength to remove the perceived barriers in making a positive behaviour change.