Complaints Process

Every patient has the right to make a complaint about the treatment or care they have received.

We understand that we may not always get everything right all the time, so by telling us about the problem you have encountered, we will be able to improve our services and patient experience.

Verbal complaints

Most verbal complaints can be resolved within 24 hours. Please ask to speak to our Patient Liaison Officer in the first instance who is trained to handle verbal complaints.

Written complaints

If you want to make a more formal complaint in writing, for a full and thorough investigation, please complete our complaints form which is available from reception or to download here. We will aim to investigate and provide you with the findings as soon as we can and will provide you with updates regarding any delays which we encounter along the way. We will issue a final response to all complainants which will provide full details of the outcome of your complaint.

Time Frame

The time constraint on bringing a complaint is 12 months from the occurrence that gave rise to the complaint, or 12 months from the time you become aware of the matter about which you wish to complain.


We will ensure that all complaints are investigated with the utmost confidentiality and that any documents are held separately from the patient’s healthcare record. Please be assured that your care and the care of your family will not be compromised as a result of any complaints.

Third party complaints

We also allow a third party to make a complaint on your behalf, i.e. a family member. However you as the patient must first provide consent for them to do so.  To do this you will need to ask reception for a copy of our third party consent form, or you can download a copy here.

More information

More detailed information regarding our complaints procedure can be found in our Complaints Policy. You can ask reception for a copy or download a copy here.

Further action

If after we have handled your complaint you are still dissatisfied, you can escalate your complaint to:

Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO),
Milbank Tower,

Tel: 0345 015 4033

Advocacy support

If you need any support with any aspect of your complaint, you can contact any of the following independent bodies who will be more than willing to help: