Over the Counter Medicines & Self-care

Over the counter medications

The NHS belongs to everybody, and we all have a responsibility to ensure our NHS money is spent wisely.  You can help by treating minor illnesses at home, for yourself and your family, with the support of your local pharmacist.

In 2018, Wakefield spent £1.2m on over-the-counter self care medicines; nearly £27k of that was at MAYBUSH MEDICAL CENTRE

Over the counter (OTC) medicines for self-care include things like treatments for mild pain relief, cough and cold remedies, and antihistamines for hay fever etc.  You do not need to see a GP for these items as they can be bought from pharmacies and supermarkets without a prescription.  They are also often cheaper this way.  Pharmacists are experts in medicines and you dont need an appointment to see them.

Following a public consultation, MAYBUSH MEDICAL CENTRE will no longer be routinely prescribing the following OTC medicines for the treatment of minor, short-term illnesses and conditions:

  • Sunscreen for skin protection from UV radiation
  • Products for cosmetic use
  • Emollients for dry skin and other minor skin conditions
  • Camouflage products
  • Antihistamines for hay fever
  • Painkillers –  gels, tablets, ointments
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Certain brands of medicine if a suitable generic alternative is available that would be better value for the NHS
  • All gluten free products, soya and thickened baby milk
  • Baby milk for lactose intolerance

More information can be found by clicking here

Thank you for your understanding.